The Best Diet Plan for Sustainable Weight Loss

Best Diet Plan

According to this study, almost 50% of all Americans are trying to lose weight every year. Some of them succeed. Unfortunately, most of them don’t and give up before any progress becomes visible. Even worse, many gain more weight after stopping dieting in a boomerang effect with adverse health consequences.

With so many people failing dieting, you cannot help to wonder, did they choose the best diet plan for weight loss?

If we judge by the three fundamental factors of weight loss, then no. These factors say that a diet should be healthy, relaxing, and sustainable. And, as we know, most diets out there may easily be under-nourishing, stressful, and difficult to maintain in the long term. 

Fortunately, not all nutritional programs are like that. So, let’s take a closer look at one diet for losing weight that may work in the long run!

The Low-Carb Diet

Some of the most popular meal plans at the moment require low carbohydrate consumption. One of them is the keto diet, which takes its name from ketosis, the body’s potential mechanism for fat burning.

With this diet, you can consume almost as much protein and fat as you like. However, you cannot ingest most types of carbs. So, you have to give up on pizza, burgers, sweets, alcohol, most fruit, and sweetened beverages.

Instead, you can eat all the steaks, chicken, eggs, seafood, cheese, and low-carb veggies you want. This way, you are unlikely to starve at home, when you go out or travel.

Benefits of a low-carb diet

  • Faster fat burning
  • Higher chances of healthy weight loss
  • Reduced risk factors for heart disease
  • Lower cholesterol levels 
  • Better blood pressure levels
  • Higher insulin levels in people with type-2 diabetes

Downsides of a low-carb diet

In some extreme cases, following a low-carb diet may come with disadvantages, such as:

  • Higher levels of bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Digestive problems
  • Stomach irritations

While these cases are rare, it is still better to consult your healthcare provider before starting a low-carb diet, or any other restrictive nutritional plan, for that matter.

Why Choose This Diet?

According to medical studies, the idea is that you should enter ketosis and remain in this state as much as possible. Meanwhile, your body doesn’t get the necessary carbs to burn for fuel. So, it starts eating into the fat deposits to give you energy.

By staying in ketosis longer, you may experience healthy weight loss. However, this trick is more difficult than you would expect. For example, you start getting cravings for carbs and sweets. And, when you give in to them, you exit ketosis and lose all your progress.

How Can I Stay in Ketosis?

Fortunately, there may be a safe and easy way to enter ketosis and stay there, and it comes from DTrim Advanced Support. This all-natural dietary supplement works as an appetite suppressor. So, you get to free yourself from the cravings. Above all, it helps you with all the necessary nutrients to stay in ketosis for longer times and increase your chances of healthy weight loss.

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